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Record Number Of UNR Students Move Onto Campus

Aug 20, 2015

Credit Esther Ciammachilli

A record number of students descended upon the University of Nevada, Reno Thursday as another exciting year of higher education begins. 

Southbound Virginia St. was a parking lot as families ushered students to their new homes. More than 3,000 students, mostly incoming freshman, will fill the residence halls this year. One of them is Mary Montgomery, who, with the help of student volunteers, moved into the newly opened Peavine Hall.  

"It's very exciting because everything is brand new, everybody so nice. They helped me move my stuff in like under five minutes."

With fall 2015 registration reaching a record 21,000 students, the university is facing some growing pains as it works to provide enough housing for current and future enrollees. Jerome Maese is the director of student life at UNR. He says plans for more student housing are already in motion.

"We are currently in the building plans for another residence hall that will house anywhere from 400 to 600 students. And I think one of the things we're going to have to do is tear down older, smaller buildings just to build newer buildings."

One of those old buildings is White Pine Hall which currently houses about 160 students and is scheduled to close in December.