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Relationships with Dr. Jankovich: Adult Phone Usage

Jul 31, 2020

In my office partners complain about their person being on the phone rather than paying attention to them.  It’s not just teenagers who are glued to their phones. 

Both men and women stick their nose in the phone rather than talking while driving together, during meals at restaurants or with friends, while sharing time watching TV, even when getting into bed to go to sleep.  The phone users say they’re just checking a fact, or reading an article; but they’re also on social media, sending texts and photos.  Asking your person to put the phone down, may lead to them being defensive, saying it’s the way they stay in touch, it’s fun, and stop being so controlling.  Try to agree on hallowed times when NO ONE is on the phone, like meals together, driving together, and certainly when you crawl into bed together.  When they ignore the rule, gently remind them they agreed to no phone during this time, and remind them again and again.