Reno Startup Develops Smartphone Stethoscope

Dec 12, 2016

One Reno startup is making it possible for patients to convert their smartphone into a stethoscope in order to allow a doctor to remotely listen to their heart and lungs. Our contributor Brook Bentley of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly has this business profile.

Dr. Paul Park, co-founder and CEO of Reno startup Hummingdoc, displays his telehealth devices at the Innevation Center.
Credit Annie Conway / NNBW

Hummingdoc makes home health devices for smartphones to help facilitate telemedicine. Dr. Paul Park is CEO of the company and says that patients can record the sounds of their heart and lungs and send those audio files to medical professionals who are far away.

Park is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and his business is based out of UNR’s Innevation Center in downtown Reno. He manufactures his product through 3-D printers on campus and sells them online.

Park says he hopes that products like his can reduce wasted time and cost in the medical industry. Northern Nevada is suffering from a severe doctor shortage and patients in rural areas have difficulty accessing specialty care in their own communities.