Reno Storyteller Gathers Tales From South Sudan

Aug 21, 2015

Credit Five Talents

Reno resident and visual storyteller Jessi LeMay recently returned from a stint in South Sudan, where she collected the stories of the everyday Sudanese people she encountered. 

LeMay traveled to the Warrap State of that country with an organization called Five Talents, which fights poverty in developing countries. She’s gave a talk Friday night at Sundance Books in Reno about her experience and joined Reno Public Radio’s Michelle Bliss for an overview.

Friday's talk was part of the Salon program offered by Nevada Humanities. LeMay also runs The Folk & The Lore program in Reno which hosts live oral storytelling events. Starting next month, Reno Public Radio will be partnering with LeMay to bring the intimate local stories she’s collecting to our airwaves.