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Robin's Movie Review: Bosch

May 8, 2020

Binge watching sent me armchair traveling to Los Angeles for one of my favorite mystery series on both screen and book, Bosch. Recently starting its sixth season, Bosch continues as an effective translation of the books, despite numerous changes. Those switches from author and producer Michael Connelly, add commercial benefits while preserving the original’s soul.

The most obvious difference comes as main character Bosch transforms from a Viet Nam vet to one from the Gulf War. This allows a younger man to play Bosch in a contemporary world, and actor Titus Welliver insinuates himself perfectly into the part of a detective who looks somewhat average but displays a steel core. He continues his strong work, with a story covering a relevant situation when a health crisis threatens the city. But most relevant? The mantra Bosch displays, quote “everybody matters or nobody matters.”