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RTC Seeks Input with Virginia St. Corridor Study Survey

Jul 2, 2013

The Regional Transportation Commission is seeking public input for its Virginia Street Corridor Study with a new online survey. The study covers an 11-mile stretch of the bustling Reno thoroughfare. Residents have already voiced the desire for ADA compliant sidewalks along Virginia Street that are free of obstructions, like signposts. They have also requested that the RAPID express bus service extend to UNR . Amy Cummings is the director of planning for the RTC. She says anyone who uses Virginia Street as a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian should take the survey, along with business owners situated along the corridor. "We are trying to get a sense of what people's main priorities are, whether it's sidewalks or bicycle lanes or transit service or speeding up travel time for cars or having additional parking. So, those are the types of questions we have in the survey." The survey is the very first step in a multi-year process, which will include future public forums.Cummings says once the potential improvements are approved and funded, construction could begin by 2016.