Rural Nevadans Face Limited Access To Caucusing

Feb 21, 2020

Though Nevada has a fair amount of cities, vast parts of the state are a sea of sagebrush, with very few towns. And as the Nevada State Democratic Party gears up for its caucuses on Saturday, Democrats in the state’s many rural counties are facing significant hurdles with the caucus system. 

Pershing and White Pine counties only have one caucus site available, and one day for early voting. Kimi Cole, chair of the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus, said some have to travel up to 100 miles to join in.

“I do know some people that have challenges with transportation. Maybe not the best eyesight,” Cole said. “And then some people just say, ‘hey, that’s too far to go to participate.’”

Cole said there’s more volunteers helping out this year, and rural counties will be able to pull off a smooth caucus.