As Second Home Market Booms, Tahoe Locals Struggle To Afford Housing

Apr 26, 2016

Tahoe has lots of housing options like this $10 million new home, but very few homes that are affordable for full-time, professional residents.

Locals are being priced out of the Tahoe housing market, according to a regional study due out this summer.

Driving along Lakeshore Boulevard, with Lake Tahoe glimmering in the spaces between elaborate lakefront homes, it's hard to imagine that anyone struggles financially here.

"Respondents to our survey were mostly full-time, professional residents and the majority of them are overpaying for housing, they have multiple jobs in alarming numbers and are seemingly struggling to make ends meet here."

That's Sara Schrichte, project manager for the study, which is being coordinated by the nonprofit Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. She says cost of living in Truckee and north Tahoe is being affected by everything from a shortage of housing stock to an influx of Bay Area transplants willing to pay higher prices. The foundation will be hosting neighborhood forums next month, and will release the final results of its study this summer.