Small Business Employment In Nevada Hits Record High

Oct 5, 2016

Small business employment across Nevada reached an all-time high during the first quarter of 2016. Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick has more on the latest numbers.

Nevada has officially regained the job numbers lost during the recession, both in total and small business employment. That’s according to the most recent data from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

Bill Anderson is chief economist for the state and he says the growth has been broad-based, meaning he’s seeing increased employment across all economic sectors.

“We continue to see growth in our historical drivers, that being construction and leisure and hospitality,” Anderson says. “However, I think it’s very important to note that our largest job gains are coming in trade, transportation and warehousing.”

Anderson says small business employment—that is, companies of less than 100 workers—has been growing in Nevada for five straight years. Much of that has to do with improved economic conditions outside the state, which leads to increased spending here.

He says he expects the growth to continue.