Tim Kaine Attacks Trump, Promotes 'Stronger Together America' At UNR Visit

Sep 22, 2016

Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine spoke to a few hundred people Thursday during a campaign stop at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Our reporter Noah Glick was there and has this story.

“Man, it’s great to be in Nevada!” Kaine says as he walks on stage.

A few hundred people showed up in heavy jackets to see the Virginia senator speak. It was one of the chilliest days Reno has seen in weeks, but not for Tim Kaine.

“This is the best weather for any outdoor event I’ve had the entire campaign. I love this.”

During his nearly 45-minute speech, the Virginia senator didn’t provide specific policy details, but he did present broad differences between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump on a variety of issues important to young voters.

Reno City Councilmember David Bobzien, who grew up in Kaine's Virginia, made opening remarks supporting the Clinton campaign.
Credit Noah Glick

“Do you believe in climate science or don’t you? If you do, Hillary and I are with you. The other guys are against you," he says. "Do you believe women should be able to make their own healthcare decisions? If you do, Hillary and I are with you. The other guys are against you.”

Kaine continued this theme for immigration reform, LGBT equality and affordable education. He then hammered the Republican nominee about Trump University, saying the fraudulent practices used in that business reflect Trump’s values.

“There’s a lesson there, for people who are thinking about voting for Trump. People who trust Trump tend to get hurt," Kaine says. "Don’t be tricked by Trump.”

Donald Trump and Trump University have recently been involved in lawsuits that accuse the company of a variety of illegal business practices, including misrepresentation and fraud.

Trump has denied any wrongdoings and says that more than 10,000 students have taken surveys expressing overwhelming satisfaction with their experience.

Although Kaine spent much of his speech attacking Trump, not everyone in the crowd was in support for Clinton. Aidan Murray, originally a Rand Paul supporter, says he’ll likely vote for Trump because...

Aidan Murray says he's thought about Gary Johnson, and is disappointed the former New Mexico governor didn't make the first presidential debate.
Credit Noah Glick

“I really disagree with the Clintons, and I think she should be in prison for lying to Congress under oath," he says. "It’s the lesser of two evils in my opinion.”

Clinton has been under fire for her recent email controversy, with many people, including Trump, saying she lied about sharing classified information while Secretary of State. An FBI investigation occurred, but no criminal charges were filed.

This lack of faith in Clinton’s honesty is a common theme, even among supporters like Michele Chambers, who was sporting a Clinton/Kaine sticker.

“I’m not a very strong supporter of Clinton. I guess that’s also part of why I’m here…I guess I just have concerns about Hillary Clinton as someone trustworthy.”

But for every person who isn’t sure about Clinton, there’s another person who isn’t sure about Trump.

“I’m registered as Republican, but Trump has said a lot of things and proposed a lot of things that aren’t really in my comfort zone.”

That’s David Loosley. He’s a music education student at UNR and he says he doesn’t know who he’s going to vote for.

“I still have to study up on the candidates and about more of their policies.”

Last night, Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Pennsylvania and will be in Virginia tomorrow.

Hillary Clinton has no events scheduled through October, although many of her surrogates will be campaigning on her behalf.

The first presidential debate is Monday at 6 p.m.