TMWA Eases Off Water Conservation Cuts This Summer

Apr 21, 2016

Credit Eric Norris / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Truckee Meadows Water Authority will not ask its customers in the region to cut back on water this summer.

Last year, TMWA customers were asked to cut back 10 percent on their water use amid concerns over the lingering drought. Overall, residents responded well, cutting back by double that amount.

This year, however, strengthened by a wet winter and extra reserves, TMWA's board is easing off.

Andy Gebhardt is with TMWA.

"We don't anticipate using any of our drought storage through the summer, so we're just going to ask customers to be water conscious, be responsible, be aware, be efficient, but we're not going to ask for additional conservation measures."

The utility is going into this summer with 60 percent more in storage than last year and they don't anticipate having to use any of it.

Gebhardt says the regional Truckee River Operating Agreement, implemented late last year, allowed the agency to finally begin storing water that would've gone downstream before.