UNR President Talks Growth In Annual Speech

Sep 30, 2015

UNR President Marc Johnson answers questions before his annual State of the University address at the Joe Crowley Student Union.
Credit Julia Ritchey

University of Nevada, Reno President Marc Johnson says to slow rapid enrollment growth, some student aid will be cut. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey has more on this year's State of the University address.

With a record enrollment this year of nearly 21,000 students, UNR is in a period of rapid transformation.

President Johnson says the university is addressing this growth in a number of ways to ensure students succeed academically.  

"We're growing our faculty, we're growing our support staff, we're building new facilities, we're renovating old facilities — just to work on ways to accommodate the increasing number of students," he says.

Johnson says they also plan to adopt a three-part strategy to slow some of that growth, too. 

That includes removing some aid-based scholarships for those on lower-end of eligilibity, pushing up the fall admission deadline to April 7 and raising tuition for out-of-state students under the Western Undergraduate Exchange program.

"The focus is not on limiting growth; the focus is on slowing growth to a pace where the number of student who come here do not rapidly outpace our resources available to serve them."

Johnson also detailed his intentions to expand the campus' footprint to connect more tangibly with the city through additional dormitories and private development.