UNR Researcher: "No Farmer Denies That Something Is Definitely Happening With The Climate."

Dec 18, 2015

The Water for the Seasons project is a $3.8 million partnership with the US Geological Survey to integrate science and water policy research with extensive community outreach to identify the expected impacts of climate change and solutions for protecting valuable water resources throughout northern Nevada.
Credit Courtesy Academy for the Environment at UNR
From left, Maureen McCarthy, Staci Emm, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension educator, and Loretta Singletary, Cooperative Extension professor and interdisciplinary outreach coordinator
Credit Theresa Danna-Douglas

Maureen McCarthy is executive director of the Academy for the Environment at University of Nevada, Reno. Two of the Academy's most recent projects involve working closely with farmers, water districts, and tribal communities to get a sense of how variations in climate affect the water they depend upon, and what can be done to mitigate those impacts. 

McCarthy spoke with us about the researchers' findings so far, and what they might mean for climate adaptation in the Sierra Nevada region.