UNR Spring Graduates Will Walk, But Graduation Ceremonies Delayed | KUNR

UNR Spring Graduates Will Walk, But Graduation Ceremonies Delayed

Mar 31, 2020

Students graduating from the University of Nevada Reno this semester will be able to participate in commencement; it just won't happen this spring. UNR President Marc Johnson announced Friday that graduates will have two options on when they get to walk.


This December or spring of next year — UNR students graduating this spring can choose either one.

Earlier this week, the university canceled its upcoming May commencement in light of COVID-19 — and said it would instead hold a virtual ceremony, which family and friends could stream online.

That plan drew intense opposition, including an online petition signed by more than 16,000 people. It urged for a postponed in-person ceremony rather than an online one.

UNR President Marc Johnson acknowledged the pushback in an email to students that announced the two new ceremonies.

Exact dates have not been announced, but Johnson says they will be separate from the already scheduled ceremonies for future graduates.

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