Updates: "Shooting Fire" Near Carson City

Aug 14, 2016

Credit Carson City Fire Department

5:30 PM Monday update:

The Shooting Fire in Carson City, which was sparked by target shooters on Sunday, is mostly contained. Fire crews are cleaning up the area.

Officials say that aggressive aerial assistance and structure protection from local, state and federal agencies helped contain the blaze and led to no loss of structures. All roads are open to the public, and officials say crews will continue to protect private property.

10:45 AM Monday update:

Fire crews are mopping up the "Shooting Fire," which has burned more than 200 acres.

It started Sunday afternoon on the western edge of Carson, south of "C" hill.  Some residents were briefly evacuated. Evacuations were lifted a few hours after the fire was reported and residents were allowed to return home. No buildings were damaged and nobody was injured. Authorities are still investigating but believe the fire was accidentally started by target shooters. 

7:45 PM Sunday update:
A grass fire near Carson City has raced across more than 200 acres close to a Native American colony adjacent to "C" hill on the west side of town.

It started Sunday afternoon and moved across private property and Bureau of Land management parcels. 

There are no buildings threatened but officials warn the fast moving winds could push the fire closer to a neighborhood and the tribal community. 

John Schuler is with the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center in Minden, the agency that's managing information about the fire. 

He says people who live in neighborhoods near the fire should be prepared in case authorities call for evacuations.

"Just be prepared. Keep your eyes out. Be vigilant about what's going on.  Watch out for fire apparatus moving in and out of the communities. You know, let those guys make entry to where they need to be and try to stay out of their way as much as possible both for their safety and yours."

Authorities call it the "Shooting Fire."  They are still investigating but initial media reports said it was accidentally started by target shooters who had no way to put it out.