Voter Voices From Sen. Warren's Reno Town Hall

Dec 11, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren held a town hall in Reno Tuesday night. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck talked to attendees about issues that matter to them, like climate change and immigration.

Roughly 600 people attended Warren’s town hall at Truckee Meadows Community College, where the candidate talked about investing money in public schools.

Elizabeth Warren speaking at her Reno town hall, marking her fourth visit to Northern Nevada.
Credit Lucia Starbuck

“For most of our history, we've treated public education as an issue only for localities, right? Local towns and, for maybe, states. But we're a nation and we're a nation that's trying to build a future. We're a nation that's making decisions about who's going to get opportunity," Warren said.

Viviana Reyes, who attended the event, says she supports Warren but wants to know what protections she will put in place for recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA.

“I'm a DACA recipient and I mean the opportunities that I have, they might just come to an end once the Supreme Court takes a stand on whether to cancel it or not to cancel it,” Reyes said.

Reyes and other DACA recipients have been in limbo about the future of the program for years now. She brought her nine-year-old daughter Rossie to the town hall. Both mother and daughter are concerned about climate change, too.

"The biggest issue for me is that, like, I believe that there's a lot of littering and I like to help a lot outside,” Rossie said.

Craig Mulder is registered Independent. After Elizabeth Warren's Reno town hall he said he's still undecided. He wants to wait to hear from other candidates before making a decision.
Credit Lucia Starbuck

While some voters, and future voters, are sold on Warren, other attendees are still trying to decide. Craig Mulder drove about an hour to Reno from Greagle, California. Warren is the first presidential candidate Mulder has been able to see in person.

“Actually, I'm undecided at this point. Basically, I think any of the candidates that are still in the race are perfectly viable and capable of winning the presidency,” Mulder said.

After the town hall Mulder said Warren is energetic, but he hasn’t made up his mind just yet.