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Washoe Co. Spends $3 Million So Far On Flood Clean Up

Jul 14, 2017

So far, Washoe County has spent just over $3 million to clean up after historic flooding during the winter, and another $6 million in repair and capital improvement costs still remain to be covered. Our News Director Michelle Billman breaks down the situation with contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno.

Flood waters in Lemmon Valley.
Credit Washoe County

The Washoe County Board of Commissioners recently approved more than $1 million out of the county’s general fund to cover flood-related expenses in the wake of the past winter’s flooding in the North Valleys. The amount is in addition to $2 million spent to date, bringing the total to just over $3 million.

County Budget Manager Mark Mathers said the amounts only partially cover the county’s costs, expenses he called a tremendous impact to the county’s budget.

“What we haven’t covered…are the roads funds disaster expenditures, which are a little bit over $1.1 million.”

Mathers explained that those costs are being covered by deferring other scheduled work.

“The winter was severe — the greatest on record,” he explained.

The $1 million approved recently covers $200,000 in mosquito abatement. FEMA reimbursements of up to 75 percent for some projects have not been received yet. The state may contribute to costs not paid by FEMA, as well as about $3 million from county water rights sales.

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