Washoe Commission Looking To Limit Shooting At Peavine

Jun 30, 2016

Credit ThisisReno.com

The Washoe Board of County Commissioners has approved the first step in a plan to restrict shooting on certain areas of Peavine Mountain in north Reno. Our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno has the story.

Commissioners have approved the first reading of an ordinance that would expand the boundaries of congested areas. Under the proposed plan, the areas to the south and east of Peavine Road would be off limits to shooting. There will be exceptions for hunting.

Several hikers and bicyclists spoke in favor of the ordinance, saying that it's overdue. A handful actually recalled times when bullets had whizzed by too close for comfort.

Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler voted in favor of the move.

"The goal is trying to stop this before somebody gets hurt," she explained, "so what they did is they basically put a demarcation trail, if you will, right along the road, and you can shoot on one side and you cannot shoot on the other side."

The last time the congested-area maps was revised was back in 2002. The final hearing is scheduled for July. For Reno Public Radio News, I'm Bob Conrad of ThisisReno.com.