Washoe County School District Touts Improvements To School Safety, Praises Police Officers

Feb 19, 2017

School safety remains a major topic of discussion for the Washoe County School District, after last year’s officer-involved shooting at Hug High School made national headlines.

Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick reports on how the district is forging a path forward.

During her annual State of Education Address, District Superintendent Traci Davis noted improvements, based on a report from the School Safety Advocacy Council, a for-profit school consultancy organization founded by current and former police officers.

She says the report praised the district for things like single points of entry and fenced borders of schools, and provided additional suggestions.

“We have some schools that are open-campus high schools and some are closed-campuses," she says. "And one of the things they talked about was closing all of our campuses, so that our students aren’t driving.”

The organization recommends adding more police officers to middle schools and elementary schools across the district, an idea that’s been under scrutiny since December's officer-involved shooting at Hug High School.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada say they are deeply concerned about the use of force in schools.

The investigation into the incident is being done by the Reno Police Department and is ongoing.