Washoe School District Announces $13 Million Grant

Feb 2, 2016

Credit Amber Joiner / Twitter

The Washoe County School District held its annual State of Education address Monday night, and announced a major grant for local schools. Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick was there and has more.

Traci Davis took the stage for the first time as permanent superintendent. And she used her opportunity to share some big news.

“Stacie Mathewson, founder and CEO of the non-profit, Transforming Youth Recovery, has announced [that] she intends to fund a 13-year project with $1 million per year.”

This grant will go toward student programs related to mental health, substance abuse and community outreach. The goal is to build a model that can be used nationwide.

However, none of this $13 million is earmarked for school buildings, which are severely overcrowded. That money will need to come from another source. Davis said voters will be asked to raise taxes on the November ballot. And if no new funding is secured, she said several middle and high schools will be forced into double sessions.

“It means half the students start school around 6 a.m.," Davis says. "Those students will be done with school around noon, and working parents will either have to find childcare for them or leave them unattended for hours.”

Davis also announced a goal of 90 percent graduation by 2020, up from the current rate of 75 percent.