Washoe Sees Spike In Emergency Calls

Apr 19, 2016

Credit REMSA

In Washoe County, 911 calls and transports to care facilities, like the emergency room, usually peak in the summer during special events. But for some reason, there was a surge of requests for help on Monday, April 4 and emergency responders made more medical transports in one day than ever before. It seemed like a fluke at first, but then it happened again on April 7 with even more transports in one day, 178 to be exact.

To explore what’s going on, our News Director Michelle Billman spoke to Kevin Romero the vice president of operations for the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority or REMSA. 

"We expect to see that type of call volume during New Year's Eve, Hot August Nights, the air races," Romero explains, "but we really don't expect to see that call volume on, you know, a Monday and Thursday in April."

Romero says several factors may be at play, including population growth and the Affordable Care Act, but one thing is clear: it's going to be a busy summer.