Web Extra: Hear More From Reimagine Reno Latino Gathering

Sep 25, 2015

Credit Alexa Ard

We recently reported on a Reimagine Reno event focused on the Latino community. The gathering was one of several taking place this fall to talk about the area's future as policymakers update Reno's master plan. So far, more than 800 people have attended these focus groups and there are more to come in October

Topics of conversation at the Latino gathering ran the gamut, but public safety kept bubbling back up. Here's what participant Lourdes Gonzalez had to say about safety issues in public parks:

Gonzalez attended the event with her husband Celestino Remedios, who echoed some of her concerns, adding that in certain areas of the city, a resident's sense of security can differ dramatically on a block-by-block basis:

Along with discussing some of the problems facing Reno's Latino community, participants also talked solutions.  Celestino would like to see more resources devoted to area kids to keep them busy, fulfilled, and focused after school. Take a listen:

To learn more about Reimagine Reno, go here