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A tray of dental equipment.
Lucia Starbuck

People with diabetes are more at risk for gum disease and infections. Medicaid doesn’t cover routine dental procedures. That’s why there’s a bill to expand dental coverage for Nevadans with diabetes. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck has more.

The Nevada County Health Rankings Report was recently released. Washoe County came in sixth place in the state for overall health, a jump from the previous year. KUNR’s Anh Gray reports that affordable housing, access to mental health care and substance abuse are still big issues.

Graphic by Krysta Scripter; Photo by Stephanie Serrano

Eric Musselman is in his fourth year as head coach of Nevada men’s basketball. When he started, the team had not seen an NCAA tournament in years. Last season, the Pack advanced to the Sweet 16 and now heads to the Big Dance for its third consecutive year. Tonight, the Pack plays Florida in Iowa, and the winner of that game will advance to play either Michigan or Bradley on Saturday.

KUNR's Holly Hutchings actually met Musselman while working out at the gym, and they soon formed a friendship. In a Storycorps-style interview, Holly spoke with him about a time when he wasn’t on top and what he learned from a difficult setback. 

Bree Zender

The the LGBTQ-rights focused nonprofit, Human Rights Campaign, recently released a study concerning how inclusive city policies and services are to folks in the LGBTQ community. The report rates cities around the country on their non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and the city leadership's public position on equality.

men running toward helicopter in flight
Kathleen Masterson

Nevada’s bighorn sheep are under threat from disease. To grow the population, biologists have been relocating sheep to new habitat. The bighorn are captured with a net gun, then airlifted by helicopter, medically evaluated, and then driven to their new mountain home. KUNR’s Kathleen Masterson recently attended a relocation in Northern Nevada and she talked about her reporting experience with Bree Zender.

two bighorn sheep dangle from helicoptor
Kathleen Masterson

Nevada’s state animal has been afflicted by disease for more than a century. The die-offs began when European settlers brought over domestic sheep that carried a bacteria that causes pneumonia in wild sheep. But in recent decades, Nevada’s bighorn population has been slowly rebounding, thanks in large part to efforts by conservationists. Much of the success comes from relocating healthy animals to good habitat to start a new herd. 

Jana Sayson

Lawmakers in Carson City are facing down the first major deadline of the session. Monday is the last day they’ll be able to introduce new legislation for the rest of 2019, and with hundreds of bill expected to be introduced before the end of the day, it's likely the start of a busy week in Carson. KUNR's Bree Zender sat down with Political Reporter Paul Boger to break down the news from the capital city.

For the second time in as many weeks, a prominent Democratic lawmaker in Nevada has resigned from office amid allegations of misconduct.

Illustrated by Stephanie Serrano

Nevada men’s basketball player Jazz Johnson recently scored a career high of 27 points in his game against Air Force. As a junior, he’s been awarded two Mountain West Conference media honors, Sixth Man of the Year and Honorable Mention. The team recently won its third consecutive regular season championship. Off the court, Johnson reflects on the sacrifices it’s taken to be in this position. KUNR Stephanie Serrano sat down with him to talk about his upbringing, family, and his younger sister Nyame, along with, of course, the Mountain West tournament.

Advocates Urge Lawmakers To Ban Underage Marriage

Mar 13, 2019
Wedding Rings

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Sara Tasneem said she was 15 years old when she was forced into a “spiritual marriage” with a 28-year-old man she had only met hours earlier. When she was 16 and pregnant, she was taken to Reno, where the marriage was solemnized in Nevada.