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KUNR, the Washoe County School District, and the Reynolds School of Journalism at UNR are helping local high school students find their unique voices while also developing valuable journalism skills.

Students work with media professionals to produce creative audio stories that matter to them. To learn more, check out this Nevada Today article on our program and see what NPR Youth Radio is producing. 

A Look At Lime Bikes Across The Region

Jul 14, 2018
The back of a yellow and green Lime Bike with a small sign on the back saying "1st ride free" and a scannable code.
Alexis Harris

A bike sharing program called Lime Bike is now available through a pilot program in Washoe County, including Reno and Sparks. Before launching in those areas, the company also did a trial run in South Lake Tahoe. Molly Concialdi of Reno Youth Radio visited the lake to see how the program works.

Alexa Ard

School discipline is always a hot topic for teachers, parents and students. In the past, schools in Washoe County have isolated problem students, but as Reno Youth Radio’s Kenia Aguirre reports, there is a new effort underway.

Everyone knows someone who has been sent down to the principal's office. It’s scary, intimidating and literally isolating. Kids are sometimes put in what are called “cubbies" or small rooms. Kids sit in there alone for a long time. My friend Cindy Aguilar remembers why kids were sent there when she was in elementary school. 

Youth Radio: Why Are Guitar Sales Declining?

Dec 29, 2017
Alexis Harris

All guitar sales in the United States have declined, according to statistics from Music Trades Magazine. Reno Youth Radio reporter Spencer Ellison talked to a long-time Reno musician and a guitar salesman about the trend.


I love the guitar, so I was really worried when I heard that guitar sales were declining, down 500,000 for electric guitars in 10 years. Why is this happening and what are the local impacts? I went to Bizarre Guitar in Sparks to talk to an old-timer, Greg Golden. He is the original owner for more than 40 years.

Youth Radio: Meet A High School Student Business Owner

Dec 28, 2017

With the price of college on the rise, high school students here in Reno are coming up with new and creative ways to save for college. Reno Youth Radio’s Kelsey Reynolds is looking into this trend.

I met Ally Bertani during an Instagram livestream about her business profile. I was instantly intrigued…a high school student business owner.

“I specialize in doing portraits for people,” she says. “I do senior portraits, photo shoots. One of my friends models, so I do all the photos for him, just stuff like that.”

Folkloric Ballet Creates Connection To Ancestry

Sep 15, 2017
Reena Gupta

Folkloric ballet is a traditional Latin American dance that focuses on local folk culture with ballet characteristics. Reno Youth Radio reporter Veronica Garcia explores the significance of Mexican folkloric ballet and expresses her love for dance.

Folkloric ballet is not just for a good time, but a good way to learn more of history.

"Like many forms of art, dance is a special way people can represent something, even from their past," Garcia says.

The male dancers wear silver suits and the female dancers wear long, colorful dresses.

via Facebook

Reno-Tahoe has given rise to a lot of snow-sport Olympians. One of the up-and-coming athletes is a local Truckee student Cody LaPlant. He is a freshman in high school and a member of the US Ski Team. Reno Youth Radio’s Jacob Lee interviewed him about the pressures of school and performing at world-class events.

At 15 years old, Cody is the youngest athlete on the US Ski Team. He realized that he wanted to compete when he was just 9.

“I didn’t really think of it as competition. I was just like, 'This is what I want to do. This is really fun.'”

Alexa Ard

Earlier this year, Education Week Magazine gave Nevada schools a “D” as part of its annual Quality Counts report. In fact, Nevada ranked last among all states. Reno Youth Radio’s Kenia Aguirre talked to two educators to get their thoughts on this situation. 

Exploring TMCC's Jumpstart Program

May 25, 2017

Parents hear about many options for their students these days. One of them is the dual credit program at Truckee Meadows Community College. That’s where students can get high school and college credit at the same time. A lot of students know about it and are curious. Reno Youth Radio’s Kenia Aguirre is one of those curious students, so she spoke to a student who went through it and how it has worked for her.


Reno Youth Radio

Thrift stores in Reno are really popular these days, moving into the boutique high-end clothing , vintage style is in. You can save a ton of money too. Reno Youth Radio’s Jacob Lee recently went on a thrift adventure with his friend and filed this audio postcard.

We drove to the Savers on Oddie. I talked to my friend Nicholson Lovering about why we do this.

“I love that when I walk into a shop like savers you know, I pretty much know that I am going to find something. It is a pretty big store,” says Lovering.

Reno Youth Radio

Some lower-income veterans in Reno face a lot of challenges. Lack of transportation can make it even harder. Now the Kiwanis Bike Project is offering veterans a way to learn to fix bikes and get that much-needed transportation. Reno Youth Radio’s Wyatt Daane checked it out.

At Kiwanis Bikes you are surrounded by a sea of bicycles and bike experts. On this day, those experts are listening to the radio and helping nine veterans. The bikes they fix will help them get back on their feet.