A row of people using their smart phones.
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The incessant use of smartphones and other technologies has addictive qualities. New York Times Bestselling Author Adam Alter explores how tech companies market products that hook teens and what parents can do. KUNR’s Anh Gray spoke with him about his new book Irresistible: The Rise Of Addictive Technology And The Business Of Keeping Us Hooked.

Viral Photo Highlights Healthy Masculinity

Mar 28, 2018

Daniel Fred is a professor of addiction treatment studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. He’s been getting a lot of attention lately for a photo that a student took of him during class. In the photo, Fred is carrying another student’s baby while performing a lecture. The picture has gone viral online, starting a larger conversation about masculinity. Our contributor Paolo Zialcita spoke with Fred to learn more.

KUNR: Daniel Fred, thanks for joining us.

Daniel Fred: Yeah, glad to be here, man.

University of Michigan Medical School

A Reno doctor and eight others were indicted for an alleged drug ring this week involving the illicit sale of prescription painkillers like oxycodone. The situation has been sparking concerns across the region, but addiction is not a new battle for any community.

Sacramento County Health and Human Services

In the last month, there have been more than 50 opioid overdoses in Sacramento and Yolo Counties, including 13 deaths, according to the Sacramento Bee. They’re all tied to counterfeit prescription pills sold on the street that contain a powerful drug called fentanyl.

Interview: Subway Sandwich Exec Talks Addiction, Recovery

Mar 17, 2016
Don Fertman

Don Fertman is the chief development officer for the Subway sandwich chain. He came to the University of Nevada, Reno Monday, March 13 to provide his insights on running a business, but he also shared his personal story of overcoming drug addiction. While on campus, Fertman stopped by KUNR and spoke with reporter Rocio Hernandez.

Don Fertman started working for Subway in 1981 when there were only 166 stores. Today, there are more than 44,000 Subways and Fertman worked his way up the command chain. He is now the chief development officer for the company. 

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Since 2000, the rate of all drug overdose deaths across the country has increased 137 percent, largely thanks to widespread abuse of prescription painkillers.

In Nevada, drug overdoses were actually down by almost 13 percent in 2014. That's the second biggest drop in the country at a time when many states are seeing major increases.

Kevin Quint is with the Nevada Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency. He says despite the state's progress, heroin deaths have more than doubled from 19 in 2010 to 52 in 2014.

Doors To Recovery

Artown is drawing to a close this week, but Reno Public Radio’s Michelle Bliss reports that the community impacts of one project, the Doors To Recovery exhibit, will extend far beyond the month-long festival.  

We have to do a better job at teaching young people what is normal drinking and what is not.