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A sample driver’s license. “Nevada Driver’s License” appears above the top. There’s a headshot and general information about the driver, in addition to their signature. There is a Battle Born seal and the Las Vegas skyline illustrated in the background.
Courtesy of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Here are the local news headlines for the morning of Friday, Sept. 10, 2021.

A woman crouching down in the middle of a river and collecting samples.
Joanna Blaszczak / University of Nevada, Reno Freshwater Ecology & Biogeochemistry Department

The EPA has reported several dog and livestock deaths due to toxic algae blooms found in riverbeds. A researcher from UNR is examining what conditions cause these blooms.

An image of a person holding up a tube filled with pink snow
Rachel Mallon / Living Snow Project

As summer quickly approaches, snow is melting on the mountaintops. This time of year, some of that snow won’t be the pristine white color you think of. It turns out that in the spring and summer, snow often turns pink or even red thanks to microalgae that have been adapted to live in it, partly as a response to climate change.