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From Breast Cancer To Bodybuilding

Apr 24, 2018
Joey Lovato

Every year a group of women gets together to begin the journey of taking back their physical and mental health, after battling breast cancer. They work out nearly every day for six months to prepare for a bodybuilding competition called Breast Cancer to Bikini. KUNR’s Joey Lovato has more.

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A recent study finds that women in Nevada have higher rates of breast cancer deaths compared to the national average. As Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray women living in southern Nevada have an even lower survival rate.

Researcher Dr. Paulo Pinheiro is with the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Celebrating its 20th year in action, Boarding for Breast Cancer event is hitting the slopes at Sierra at Tahoe this weekend. 

When 26-year-old Monica Steward was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her friends felt like they had to do something about it.

"Monica wanted to do an event to let young people know that, 'Yeah, hey, you can get breast cancer.' Unfortunately she died before the first event, but I was just really inspired by her story."

Nevada Ranked As One Of Worst States For Women

Mar 10, 2016

Nevada has been ranked as one of the worst states for women to live in. Reporter Rocio Hernandez explores why.

UNSOM Health Watch: Breast Tissue Density

Nov 16, 2015
Anne McMillin

  How do you know if you have dense breast tissue? Why is breast tissue density important? This week, family physician Dr. Daniel Spogen talks with us about the link between dense breast tissue and developing breast cancer.

Amy Westervelt



Dr. Iain Buxton has cured breast cancer -- in mice. He says his isn’t the only team to have made such strides, but a lot of promising research is getting stuck in labs due to a lack of research funding.


This week marks the close of the 29th annual Breast Cancer Awareness month. While everyone agrees awareness has improved, the number of women dying from breast cancer every year has not changed since the 1970s. Reno Public Radio’s Amy Westervelt investigates why.

The Debate Over The Sexualization Of Breast Cancer

Oct 29, 2015

Are pink ribbon campaigns sexist? That’s the charge some critics are lobbing at mainstream breast cancer organizations. We’ve assembled three women on opposite sides of the debate: Heather Goulding, executive director of the Northern Nevada branch of the nonprofit Susan G. Komen Foundation; Beth Caldwell, co-founder of the metastatic breast cancer awareness group, MET-UP; and Dr. Kelly Shanahan, who runs the Emerald Bay Center for Women’s Health in South Lake Tahoe.

Esther Ciammachilli

In this installment of the UNSOM health watch, we’re talking about new research being done to treat breast cancer and a recent breakthrough discovery made by doctors and scientists at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Joining us to talk about this new finding is Dr. Iain Buxton, a research scientist and professor of Pharmacology at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and he serves as chairman of the Department of Pharmacology. Leading this discussion is Richelle O’Driscoll, director of public affairs for the Division of Health Sciences and School of Medicine. 

The agency Nevada Health Centers is hitting the road again to make breast cancer screenings accessible to all women across the state. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports that despite conflicting opinions over their value, mammograms are still viewed as an important prevention tool by many.