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An image of a bubble milk tea drink, known as Boba.
Kaleb M. Roedel / Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Here's the latest business news from around Northern Nevada, with Business Beat from the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

Radium Sulprizio is standing in a bar. He is looking toward the camera while wearing a face mask and leaning against a wooden divider.
Kaleb M. Roedel / Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Hear the latest business news from around Northern Nevada, with Business Beat from the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

The Weber Reservoir at the Walker River Paiute Tribe. A lakefront along a sandy, flat landscape.
Stephanie Serrano / Mountain West News Bureau

The Walker River Paiute Reservation is situated in remote western Nevada, surrounded by a sequence of mountains layered with shades of brown, red and green. In the middle of it, up a long dirt road, sits the Weber Reservoir, near the town of Schurz. At the moment, it’s very quiet, and that’s because it’s closed to non-tribal citizens.

A man skateboarding down a small ramp at a skate park
Kaleb Roedel / Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Here’s the latest business news from around Northern Nevada, with Business Beat from the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

A row of barbeque grills in a store’s viewing room.
Courtesy of Reno Outdoor Living

Here's the latest business news from around Northern Nevada, with Business Beat from the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

A foyer inside of a coworking office space. There is a table, stool, water cooler and television in one room, and through a set of double doors, there is a conference table with multiple chairs.
Courtesy of Diverse Business Connections

Here's the latest business news from around Northern Nevada, with Business Beat from the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

A stock image of a service worker cleaning a dining table with cleaning spray and a towel.

As the economy reopens, restaurants remain far from pre-pandemic employment levels.

Front exterior of Harrah's from the street view.
Prayitno Photography / Flickr Creative Commons

Standing tall on North Center Street, Harrah’s Casino has been a staple in Reno’s gaming industry. The iconic property was sold last year and will eventually become the Reno City Center, which will include apartments, dining and office spaces. KUNR’s Olivia Ali spoke to longtime Nevada gaming reporter Howard Stutz to learn about this historic change to the landscape of downtown Reno.

There’s high drama in the oil world right now. Last year, we saw prices go negative as a glut took over the world. Annual production fell by record amounts. Last week, though, prices shot up after oil-producing countries decided they would keep production low.

U.S. employers cut 140,000 jobs in December as the runaway coronavirus pandemic continued to weigh on the U.S. labor market.

It was the first monthly job loss in eight months. The unemployment rate held steady at 6.7%.

With thousands of Americans dying from COVID-19 each day, businesses that depend on in-person contact have struggled.

A grahic featuring the headshots of the three guest speakers. The image is titled "Nevada Businesses and the Pandemic: Facebook Live Q&A in Spanish"

Lee en español.

With Nevada small businesses working to stay open in 2021 amid the pandemic, KUNR recently hosted a Facebook Live event in Spanish with business owners and advisors. They answered community questions and shared resources for small business owners in both Northern and Southern Nevada. 

Our bilingual reporter Natalie Van Hoozer moderated the Q&A and spoke with KUNR’s Jayden Perez to break down some highlights from the discussion. 

When Willow Belden goes holiday shopping she likes to support local businesses. This year, though, it's meant calling stores and asking, "Are you guys wearing masks? But are you really wearing masks? And, like, what else are you doing?"

A field of sugar beets ready for harvesting
Matauw / Adobe Stock

The sugar beet harvest is underway across the Mountain West.

It’s a big industry that depends on accurate weather forecasts and a reliable workforce – both impacted by COVID-19. 

Urban traffic at night in downtown Boise, Idaho
Alden Skeie / Unsplash

Amid the economic downturn, Idaho and Utah have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Interior of casino. There are numerous slot machines.
Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

Lee en español.

For the first time since the pandemic began, Nevada’s unemployment rate dipped below the state’s Great Recession peak, dropping one percentage point to 13.2 percent for the month of August.

Darren J. Bradley / Shutterstock

Two states in the Mountain West have some of the country’s highest unemployment rates, including Nevada, which tops the nation. 

Una persona rellenando el censo de EE.UU. de 2020 en la pantalla de la computadora.
Oficina del censo de EE. UU.

La fecha límite para completar el Censo 2020 se acerca rápidamente y, según la oficina del censo de EE.UU., Nevada ya superó su tasa de autorespuesta del Censo 2010.

A person looking at a computer screen. They are getting ready to fill out the census online.
U.S. Census Bureau

The deadline to fill out the 2020 census is quickly approaching, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Nevada has surpassed its 2010 census self-response rate.

Main Street Gardnerville
Jasperdo / Flickr Creative Commons

Back in April, KUNR talked with multiple small businesses in Gardnerville about the early impacts of COVID-19 on their operations.

At that time, Lindsey Torres, the co-owner of Carson Valley Dental Arts, was concerned about being unable to treat non-emergency patients and not having enough hours for her employees. 

Quote from Alycia Tanner: I don't think it's going to look very pretty, we are going to have a lot more businesses closing doors. We're going to have empty buildings. The cute and adorable little retail shops are all going to disappear.
Jayden Perez / KUNR

Back in April, KUNR talked with Alycia Tanner, the owner of This and That Marketplace in Gardnerville, about the impact of COVID-19 on her business. This and That Marketplace is a retail location that hosts many small businesses selling a variety of home goods, along with refurbished furniture and other items.  Previously, Tanner expressed concern about low sales and declining foot traffic. KUNR’s Jayden Perez checked back in with Tanner to see what’s happened since then.