child behavior

Here's how to change the sleeping arrangement.  

What are the kids doing now?  And why?


Feb 23, 2016

Cheryl explains why routines work and how to create them.

What Does It Feel Like To Be Your Child?

Jan 25, 2016

Kids don't perceive the world the way adults do.


Nov 18, 2015

Reward and incentives may actually be discouraging.

Power Struggles

Oct 28, 2015

How to survive power struggles with your children.

Kids must learn to deal with both positive and negative feelings.

Kids And Money

Jul 10, 2015

What do kids need to know about money?

Crying It Out

Jun 23, 2015

When do you do when your child cries at bedtime?  Should you pick them up, or let them cry it out?

Anger Management

May 8, 2015

Anger management tips for the whole family.