Children's mental health

Anh Gray

Nevada lawmakers are considering legislation aimed at mitigating school violence by addressing the need for greater security and increasing access to mental and behavioral health resources. The Washoe County School District is tackling similar issues. There will be a single, secure entrance at all elementary and middle schools by next fall. Administrators are also working to foster a more safe and healthy learning community.

Fathers Matter

Jan 6, 2015

Dads matter; in fact, fathers can do some things for their children that mothers can't.  Unfortunately, dads sometime face obstacles when they want to be more engaged in parenting.  Here's why fathers matter, and how to create a stronger bond between father and child.

Gifts That Keep Giving

Dec 19, 2014

Many parents' holiday shopping for their children begins and ends at the mall, but there is so much more you can offer.  Here are some suggestions for adding fun and connection to your child's holiday.

What kids really need for Christmas this year.

Kids with Anxiety

Nov 4, 2014

Learning to cope with anxiety is an important skill for adults and children alike.

Too Much, Too Soon

Sep 4, 2014

It is not a good idea to give large amounts of wealth to young adults.

Learning to Crash

Aug 5, 2014

08-05-14 Some thoughts on how to "crash-proof" your child.

Health Watch: Mental health services for children in Nevada

Aug 5, 2014

Today on Health Watch, Richelle O'Driscoll talks with Kelly Wooldridge, deputy administrator for the State of Nevada, Division of Child and Family Services and Jill Manit, who serves on the faculty for the School of Social Work at the University of Nevada, Reno.