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Nearly two-thirds of residents in the Mountain West believe Trump isn't doing a good job handling the pandemic, according to a survey from researchers at Harvard, Rutgers, Northeastern and Northwestern universities released Tuesday.


A graphic showing a medical professional giving a patient a nasal swab used for COVID-19 testing.
United Nations COVID-19 Response / Unsplash

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The number of active COVID-19 cases in Washoe County is significantly higher than what’s being reported. That’s according to the results from the first COVID-19 antibody study out Wednesday.

Chicos jóvenes trabajando en la tarea de lectura.
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Después de meses de educación a distancia en la primavera, todavía no sabemos cuál será la cantidad de trabajo que los estudiantes y los maestros deberán realizar desde casa en el otoño. 

Natalie Van Hoozer de KUNR habló con nuestra reportera Stephanie Serrano para analizar cómo fue la transición al aprendizaje a distancia durante la primavera, específicamente para los estudiantes aprendiendo inglés y las familias multilingües. 

There’s significant evidence that the novel coronavirus can spread through tiny particles that linger in the air. Thanks to a University of Colorado chemistry professor, now there’s a free tool to measure those risks.

Dr. Bret Frey is an emergency room physician in Reno, Nevada, and he likens working in health care right now to fighting in a war. 

"I always thought that there was a good chance that World War III would happen in some form in my lifetime, I just didn't appreciate it was going to come in the form of a virus," Frey says.

A close-up image of a Uhaul moving truck.
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Millions of Americans have been relocated due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center.

The survey, conducted in early June, shows that 22% of Americans either have moved or know someone who has because of the pandemic. That translates to more than 72 million people.

Video Stream: Nevada 31st Special Session

Jul 8, 2020
Alexa Ard / KUNR Public Radio

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued the formal proclamation to call the Nevada Legislature into a special session beginning on Wednesday, July 8 at 9 a.m. to address the historic budget shortfall. This is the 31st Special Session in Nevada’s history.

Governor Steve Sisolak sits at a podium at the state legislature.
Lucia Starbuck / This Is Reno

Lawmakers in Nevada are slated to gavel into a special session Wednesday morning to address a looming budget crisis. According to a report released by the Governor’s Office, Nevada is looking at a $1.2 billion deficit in the state’s general fund. 

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

7:36 p.m. | July 7, 2020

Nevada Reports Nearly 900 Additional Cases Of COVID-19, Officials Discuss Limitations Of Contact Tracing
By Lucia Starbuck

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported 876 additional cases of COVID-19 Tuesday. There are now nearly 550 COVID-19-related deaths in Nevada, and there have been close to 384,000 COVID-19 tests performed. The growing number of cases in the state is causing challenges related to contact tracing.

Fans in the stands watching baseball.
Brian Bahouth / The Sierra Nevada Ally

A 60-game Major League Baseball season is poised to get underway later this month, but Minor League Baseball Triple-A affiliates across the nation recently announced that their 2020 season has been canceled, and that includes the Reno Aces. Contributor Brian Bahouth of the Sierra Nevada Ally reached out to the team’s general manager to break down the details. 


For some people of faith, gathering together is a central tenet of church. You bolster each other's beliefs, sing communally and feel the transcendence of the moment.

Una recepcionista que registra a un paciente en el consultorio de un médico.
Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

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La mayoría de los médicos de Nevada creen que podrán mantener sus puertas abiertas solo entre dos y seis meses más, a menos que el volumen de pacientes que regresen a sus consultorios aumente significativamente, según una nueva encuesta de la Asociación Médica Estadounidense.

A receptionist checking in a patient at a doctor’s office.
Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

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A majority of Nevada doctors believe they can only keep their doors open for another two to six months unless the volume of patients trickling back into their offices significantly increases, according to a new survey from the American Medical Association.

Researchers have released a new guide for parents about how to keep their kids from being recruited by extremists online.

A white sign that says, "For Rent," in red.

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a directive that gradually lifts the moratorium on evictions starting this week. The eviction moratorium has been in place since late March to protect Nevadans from housing insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck talked to Deonne Contine, the executive director of Washoe Legal Services, about what tenants can expect moving forward.

Una niña de la escuela primaria trabaja en su tarea de matematicas.
Bindaas Madhavi / Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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El gobernador Steve Sisolak anunció una directiva que permite que las escuelas públicas del estado, junto con las escuelas privadas y las escuelas subvencionadas conocidas como “charters”, abran de nuevo para los cursos del verano, pero con restricciones específicas. Con estas instrucciones, los distritos escolares pueden decidir por sí mismos cómo reabrir sus instalaciones. Con la pandemia todavía vigente, el papel de la educación a distancia para las clases del otoño aún no está claro. 

Stephanie Serrano de KUNR habló con su colega Natalie Van Hoozer para explorar que han aprendido hasta ahora los educadores del distrito escolar del condado de Washoe sobre el aprendizaje a distancia. 

As humans around the world have limited their movement during the coronavirus pandemic, some animals appear to be changing their behavior. Biologist Christian Rutz may have seen one small example for himself.

Fire burns at dusk on a foothill
Luke Flynt / Unsplash

Reno saw one of its first major wildfire events of the dry season this past weekend with the Poeville Fire. And with the pandemic going on, agencies across the West are having to rethink how to fight fires while fighting the novel coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the nation to figure out something it's tried to do for years: increase access to telehealth.

That’s true across the nation and in rural Western states like Idaho. 

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

7:51 p.m. | June 30, 2020

Nevada Reports More Than 500 Additional COVID-19 Cases
By Lucia Starbuck

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported 562 additional cases of COVID-19 Tuesday. There are now 507 COVID-19-related deaths in Nevada. There have been nearly 323,000 COVID-19 tests performed in the state.