Election 2018

Krysta Scripter

When Nevada's Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak gave his State of the State address, he laid out an agenda that called for more education funding, increasing the minimum wage and implementing background checks on gun sales. Now with the session in full swing, lawmakers are turning some of that agenda into legislation. KUNR's Political Reporter Paul Boger sat down with Governor Sisolak in his office in Carson City to talk about his priorities as lawmakers get to work.

Photos: GOP Midterm Election Viewing Party

Nov 7, 2018
man stands at podium with microphone
Krysta Scripter

About 200 people went to the GOP viewing party to wait for Tuesday's midterm election results at the Grand Sierra Resort. Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Laxalt gave his concession speech after losing to Democrat Steve Sisolak. Laxalt called Sisolak just before he took the stage, promising to offer any help he could to Nevada's new governor. 

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Woman speaks to reporter
Jana Sayson

Democrats in Nevada saw big wins across the Silver State on election night, winning several statewide offices including U.S. Senate and governor. KUNR’s Paul Boger has more.

Adam Laxalt speaks to reports at a campaign event in Reno.
Jacob Solis

Over the past few weeks, KUNR has been airing interviews with several candidates for political office across the state. However, there are a few voices that have been missing, namely the Republican candidate for governor, Adam Laxalt. KUNR was unable to schedule a sit-down with the candidate despite repeated requests. As part of an effort to learn more about his stance on the issues, KUNR's Paul Boger spoke with another prominent Republican, Assemblywoman Jill Tolles of Reno, to talk about why she's supporting Laxalt's campaign for governor.

Lucia Starbuck / Reynolds Sandbox

Statistics show 18 to 29-year-olds in the U.S. are the least likely to vote in an election. That’s according to the United States Election Project, a group the gathers information about the nation’s electoral system. In an effort to reverse that trend, students at the University of Nevada, Reno are actively working to encourage their classmates to vote during Nevada’s 2018 midterm elections. As contributor Lucia Starbuck explains, student volunteers say there is no excuse for other students not to vote.

Eddie Lorton

Reno, like most cities in the West, has seen a growing number of homeless individuals. KUNR's Paul Boger spoke with Reno Mayoral Candidate Eddie Lorton about those issues ahead of Election Day.

A high tension power line stands in a dusty field at sunset.

Currently, there are only 14 states in the U.S. that run a retail electric utility market, meaning, they allow consumers to choose from whom they want to buy their power. But Nevada could become the 15th state if voters pass a ballot initiative known as Question Three. Supporters say the move would create competition that would drive prices down and bolster innovation. Opponents say the uncertainty of a deregulated market could wreak havoc on the state.

Nevada To Battle Over School Choice

Nov 1, 2018
Students wearing construction crew gear watching their teacher.
Paolo Zialcita

With midterm elections quickly approaching, some voters are concerned with how the next state government will fix public schools. Some argue the system is in dire need of funding, others say schools need more competition and that the state should support school choice. As KUNR’s Paolo Zialcita reports, the debate over education takes an important role in this election cycle.

The election is just a week away, and residents of the Biggest Little City are being asked who should lead Reno over the next four years. KUNR's Paul Boger spoke to Bob Conrad with This Is Reno to break down some of the local races on this year's ballot.

When Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve took office in 2014, the city was still emerging from the depths of the Great Recession. Now, four years later, the Biggest Little City has seen significant progress and Schieve is asking voters to elect her to a second term.

KUNR's Paul Boger caught up with the mayor at a campaign event to discuss that progress and how the city can continue to address some of the biggest issues facing the city including affordable housing.

With two weeks until the 2018 midterm election, KUNR has not yet been able to schedule interviews with some of the most prominent members of the GOP running for office. KUNR News Director Michelle Billman sat down with Senior Political Reporter Paul Boger to talk about some of the Republican candidates and where they stand on the issues.

Black and white photo of a wheelchair in a room.

At this year’s ballot box, Nevada voters may decide whether some medical equipment will get a sales tax exemption. KUNR’s Anh Gray has the details.

Paul Boger / Reno Public Radio

Nevada's U.S. Senate race has been among the most closely watched contests in the country this election cycle, with incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller facing a tough challenge from Democratic Congresswoman Jacky Rosen. And, while the two candidates have traded barbs over nearly every major issue, nothing has sparked more debate than perhaps healthcare.

Clint for Congress

Democrats in Nevada’s Congressional District 2 hope to clinch a victory in the historically red district. The race is on between three-term Republican incumbent Mark Amodei and Democratic challenger Clint Koble. KUNR’s Holly Hutchings sat down with Koble to discuss issues he says affect all Nevadans, such as public lands and immigration, and what he will do if he wins.

Nevada's U.S. Senate race is among the most closely watched election in the nation. To break down the race between incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller and his challenger, Democratic Congresswoman Jacky Rosen, KUNR's News Director Michelle Billman sat down with our Senior Political Reporter Paul Boger.

A picture of feminine hygiene products on store shelf.
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Voters may soon decide whether to eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. KUNR’s Anh Gray has more.

President Donald Trump and Senator Dean Heller emerge from Air Force One before a rally in Elko, Nevada.
Paul Boger

Early voting in Nevada is underway, and political candidates are doing whatever they can to appeal to voters in the waning days of the election. And this weekend, the Republicans called out the big guns to stump on their behalf –President Donald Trump. As KUNR’s Paul Boger reports, the president held a rally in the heart of conservative Nevada, Elko, to bolster support ahead of the general.

Quote:"If you were watching the debate for a lesson in civility, I think you would have had more luck watching a boxing match."
Paul Boger

Polling in Nevada’s U.S. Senate race has been neck and neck for months with any advantage well within the margin of error. And last Friday, the top contenders for the position sparred over the biggest issues in that race. To talk about the debate between Jacky Rosen and Dean Heller,  KUNR’s Bree Zender spoke to Senior Political Reporter Paul Boger to get the breakdown.

Photo Courtesy of Kate Marshall's Campiagn

Kate Marshall served as the state treasurer for two terms beginning in 2007. She then ran for Secretary of State in 2014 but lost a tight race in a year that saw Republicans sweep nearly every office up for grabs. This year, she’s working to become the first Democrat in nearly 30 years to serve as lieutenant governor. She spoke to KUNR’s Paul Boger to talk about her experience and how her time in office prepared her for the Lt. Governor’s seat.

A group of people are sitting in the office of the Democratic Party of Wahoe County. They are making phone calls to registered Democrats to get them to vote in the midterm election.
Anh Gray

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, united Republicans nationwide. In the last election, many GOP candidates promised to dismantle it. But that turned out to be a struggle and Democrats have now taken on health care as their key issue to drive out the vote this midterm. KUNR's Anh Gray has more.