Galena High School

Alexa Ard

Last week, Galena High School in South Reno was ordered into a code red lockdown after a concerned parent called law enforcement to report a perceived threat. The lockdown was quickly lifted but caused a lot of concern. KUNR’s Stephanie Serrano sat down with Irene Payne, a district spokesperson, to break down what a code red means, along with discussing student and parent procedures.

With football season underway, one high school here in Northern Nevada is trying out a new way to prevent serious head injuries. Galena High School in south Reno is now the first school in the state to offer all players a helmet with special sensor technology.

Galena football coach Greg Sakelaris says the high-tech helmets act like “another set of eyes” out in the field. If there is notable impact, the sensors send a signal to a hand-held monitor.