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The outside of a long, gray and tan industrial building.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Washoe County’s homeless shelter is facing staffing shortages and safety issues.

Two signs, outdoors. There is a slight fisheye distortion. One blue sign reads, “Washoe County Administration, Health District, Building B,” with an arrow pointing to the right. A yellow sign reads, “Washoe County Health District Testing,” with an arrow p
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Here are the local news headlines for the morning of Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021.

An image of a firefighter looking at flames, standing alone during nighttime.
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Here are the local news headlines for the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021.

A side profile of Sisolak and Newsom as they walk by and look at a home that’s been reduced to rubble by a wildfire. A hill behind them is covered with charred juniper trees.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Here are the local news headlines for the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021.

A photo of a row of tents provided by Washoe County for homeless residents.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

A brightly lit room with two rectangle tables pushed together to create a square. There are baby blue-colored rolling chairs around the table and multicolored paper planes on the wall. Two tractors are visible outside the window.
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The Our Place shelter in Sparks began moving in families experiencing homelessness about a year ago. There is space for roughly 140 women and 40 families, and the facility is at, or near, capacity every day. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck checked in with Washoe County Human Services Director Amber Howell to learn what strides the facility and its residents have made and what challenges they’re still facing.

An image of Senator Jacky Rosen meeting with workers.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Thursday, July 1, 2021.

A row of signs leaning against a concrete ledge. The signs read, “End the sweeps,” “Housing now,” “Housing first,” and “Need for housing won’t fix itself!”
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

The City of Reno has ramped up the clearing of homeless encampments over the last month. KUNR Morning Edition host Noah Glick checks in with reporter Lucia Starbuck to learn more.

A row of over a dozen tents lined up along a fence on dirt and rocks. The tents are beneath an overpass, and two yellow school busses are driving on the overpass.
Lucia Starbuck / Our Town Reno

The number of community members experiencing homelessness in Washoe County has grown significantly over the last year, according to an annual report.

An image of a neighborhood with smoke from the Petrilla Fire approaching
Natalie Van Hoozer / KUNR Public Radio

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Thursday, June 17, 2021.

Two protestors are in the forefront and kneeling. Their signs read, “Your sweeps are violent, we will not be silent!” “Stop harassing the homeless,” and “Move where?” People are protesting behind them and a person is to their right holding a megaphone.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

A group of advocates protested outside of Reno City Hall 24/7 for seven days straight, demanding the city stop the ongoing clearing of homeless encampments. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck reports on what has transpired.

Two tents on a sidewalk outside of a graffitied building with a sign that says, “The Hollywood Hemp Museum. History, Art, Culture.”
May Wells / KUNR Youth Media

A quarter of all individuals experiencing homelessness in the United States are living in New York City or Los Angeles, according to a 2020 report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

KUNR Youth Media reporter May Wells recently took a family trip to LA. She had expected to visit a city of opportunity and glamour but instead left disheartened after seeing the growing unsheltered community. She shares her feelings and frustrations in this commentary.

Two people sitting in chairs smile towards the camera.
The Place

In Colorado Springs, The Place is a shelter for young people experiencing homelessness. The pandemic has only increased the number of individuals who are unhoused, but in the early days of lockdowns, The Place’s outreach team had trouble finding youth.

A screenshot of a Zoom call featuring eleven speakers.
Screenshot / Our Town Reno via Facebook

Homeless advocates in Reno say the pandemic has only exacerbated problems for unsheltered individuals in the region.

An image of Jason Frierson walking into the Assembly Building.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021.

An outdoor area where homeless people were staying full of tents and blankets.
Stephanie Serrano

A new report finds that pandemic-related job loss will cause twice as much chronic homelessness than the 2008 Great Recession, with Latinos and African Americans especially vulnerable.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is being performed. A man is cutting a large, purple ribbon with oversized scissors while others watch from behind him. They are all wearing face masks.
Paul Boger / KUNR Public Radio

A new housing community meant to transition unsheltered people to permanent housing is being hailed as a one-of-a-kind venture.

There is a dump truck in the background. In the forefront is a man in a gray sweater with his back to the camera looking at a pile of debris.
Lucia Starbuck / This Is Reno

The City of Reno has ramped up cleanups of homeless camps over the last several weeks. KUNR's Lucia Starbuck covered a cleanup Wednesday morning in partnership with This Is Reno.

About 20 men are standing on a sidewalk, some have backpacks and there is a blue bike. There is a large white tent behind them.
Isaac Hoops

The Reno City Council has approved the use of a local park as the location for an emergency homeless shelter. As KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck reports, the city is looking for more space to maintain social distancing, especially as winter approaches.

Leaves from trees framing the edges of the image. In the distance there is a red tent. The sky is light gray.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

In Washoe County, the air quality has been deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups for more than 20 days in the last month due to fires in California. When air quality is compromised, people are recommended to limit their time outside, but unsheltered individuals can’t always do that.