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Bree Zender

A federal lawsuit was filed earlier this year by an anti-legal brothel lawyer, claiming sex trafficking is rampant in the businesses. While brothel owners deny this, the suit aims to ban brothels in Nevada. Now, a prospective defendant is looking to add himself to the suit. KUNR Reporter and Host Bree Zender spoke with News Director Michelle Billman about this latest wrinkle.

Bree Zender

I’m at one of the few places in Nevada where you’re not likely to find a local: The Las Vegas Strip. And I’ve got a quiz for the tourists here. 

Bree Zender

Dennis Hof died earlier this week. He owned all of the brothels in Lyon County. Despite his death, a question will remain on the ballot asking Lyon County voters whether or not to ban prostitution. KUNR’s Bree Zender examines both sides of this debate. 

Julia Ritchey

Primary day is now a week away. And in some local races, like Assembly District 26 where there's no Democratic challenger, candidates are duking it out for a decisive win. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey caught up with one of the two Republicans running for that seat. 

"So this is Assembly District 26, and as you can see, it runs from Incline Village and Crystal Bay, all the way down the Mount Rose corridor...covers Arrowcreek and the developments below Arrowcreek, and then jumps South Virginia, cover most of Damonte and Double Diamond, and then ends up in Hidden Valley."