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A white, vertical tower with a red siren on top. A blue sky fills the background of the composition.
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The hike from the abandoned Central Pacific train tunnels to the petroglyphs overlooking Donner Lake in northeast California is relatively short. But it’s hot, and the trail is steep, so the going is slow for the roughly two dozen kids from the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

A bright red siren sits atop a steel frame behind the fire department in Minden, Nevada.
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Many communities across the Mountain West were once known as “sundown towns.” Those are places that once had policies to force people of color to leave town by nightfall. If they didn’t, they could be arrested or worse. One town in Nevada is grappling with its racist legacy.   

An image inside the Nevada State Assembly.
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Its dark outside. A man stands at a podium with five American flags behind him. He’s in front of a crowd.
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President Donald Trump used his campaign stop in northern Nevada over the weekend to slam Democrats and sow doubt about the integrity of the election.

President Donald Trump stands at a podium speaking. In the foreground, there’s a large crowd of supporters holding signs and their cell phones. Several American flags are displayed behind Trump.
Paul Boger

President Donald Trump used a campaign stop in Northern Nevada Saturday night to slam Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak for the cancelation of a campaign stop in Reno.

Four people walking in the front. There is a man on a horse to their left and a man with an American flag with a blue stripe, to their right, staring at them.
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Over the weekend, roughly 50 Black Lives Matter protesters in Douglas County were met with hostility from several hundred counter-protesters who showed up in support of law enforcement.

As a warning, this story contains obscene and offensive language.

Starbucks Is Expanding, Adding 100 Jobs In Minden

Jun 13, 2017
Brad Coman

Starbucks is expanding its operations in Minden, which will bring close to 100 new jobs within the next two years. Our contributor Brook Bentley reports.


The Starbucks distribution center in Carson Valley will expand over the next year with an additional 700,000 square feet. The roasting side of the operation will continue as is.


Douglas County’s new interim manager starts work this week. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne has more.