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Two people sitting in chairs smile towards the camera.
The Place

In Colorado Springs, The Place is a shelter for young people experiencing homelessness. The pandemic has only increased the number of individuals who are unhoused, but in the early days of lockdowns, The Place’s outreach team had trouble finding youth.

A woman in a beanie holds a sign that says, “Stop the steal.” There are people holding American flags across the street behind the woman.
Ty O'Neil / This Is Reno

Over the weekend, former Vice President Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States, but some people in Northern Nevada took to the streets to protest the election results. 

Digital event flyer. Voting in Nevada’s 2020 elections, a Facebook Live question and answer session in Spanish on Wednesday, October 14, at 5 p.m. pacific time.

Lee en español. 

KUNR recently hosted a Facebook Live event in Spanish, in partnership with The Nevada Independent - En Español, to clarify the voting process for the upcoming general election.

To learn more, KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck spoke with bilingual reporter Natalie Van Hoozer, who moderated the event. 

Como votar por correo en Nevada. Ilustración de un camión de correo.
Ilustrado por Stephanie Serrano / KUNR

Read in English.

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Para votar por correo regístrese en línea antes del 15 de octubre. Votación anticipada del 17 al 30 de octubre. Día de las elecciones, el 3 de noviembre.

Un rollo grande de calcomanías de "Yo voté" expuesto encima de una mesa.

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El 2020 ha traído muchos cambios, incluida la forma en que algunos votantes emitirán sus votos en esta elección general. A solo días de las fechas límite de inscripción, esto es lo que los votantes deben saber.

A large roll of “I voted” stickers sitting on top of a table.
GPA / Photo Archive / Flickr Creative Commons

Lee en español. 

2020 has brought many changes, including how some voters choose to cast their ballots in this general election. With registration deadlines quickly approaching, here's what voters need to know.

A packed crowd of approximately 1,000 people. Very few are wearing masks.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday, blasting the Trump campaign for defying the administration's COVID-19 safety guidelines. President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of mostly maskless people packed into two campaign rallies last weekend.

Photo of a lake with visible rocks under the water and a woman paddleboarding.
Isaac Hoops

The Annual Tahoe Summit was held virtually on Tuesday. This year, officials focused on climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the lake.

A woman holds a red, white and blue sign that says, “Save Our Mail Save Our Vote,” with a stamp of an American flag in the middle.
Trevor Bexon

The United States Postal Service recently underwent operational changes that have caused mail delays across the country, worrying voters. But, the Postmaster General said it was not his intention to suppress votes.

A group of women hold signs that read, “Don’t let Trump steal the election again!,” “Trump/DeJoy do not sabotage our right to vote by mail," and “Save the USPS!”
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

Structural changes within the United States Postal Service have caused concern across the country, and locally. On Saturday, people rallied in front of the post offices in Reno, Sparks and Carson City to support the Postal Service, including its role in the upcoming election, and the delivery of essential services. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck covered the rally in Carson City.

A man holds a sign that says, "Blue Lives Matter."
David Calvert / Nevada Independent

Lawmakers in Nevada are rolling back protections granted to law enforcement officers under investigation. The protections were just put into place last year. Law enforcement agencies and progressive groups both denounced the bill. 

A sign on the ground that says, "Ban Chokeholds," covered in spotted shade from a tree.
Ty C. O’Neil / This Is Reno / Nevada News

Black Lives Matter protests have erupted across the country, and in Nevada, and with them, demands for police reform. In response, lawmakers in Nevada have approved a bill meant to change how law enforcement officers in the state handle arrests, but activists say there’s more to be done.

A man in a tan suit and mask is cleaning a hand rest on a podium with a wipe.
David Calvert / Nevada Independent

Gov. Steve Sisolak has announced that Nevada is entering a long-term COVID-19 mitigation strategy, instead of a phased approach. It will allow for individual counties to assess high-risk businesses and come up with a plan to address outbreaks.

Nevada's governor speaks into a microphone during a press conference.
Screenshot / Nevada State Press Conference Via YouTube

During Monday's press conference, Governor Steve Sisolak lifted bar restrictions for three Nevada counties but said he's shifting from educating Nevadans about COVID-19 protocols to enforcing them.

Two rows of long, curved tables with people in professional attire, wearing masks, sitting in front of them. The point of view is from above and to the side.
David Calvert / Nevada Independent

Lawmakers in Nevada ended their special session to address the state's massive budget shortfall over the weekend, passing just five bills in 12 days. To help us break down that legislation, and what it means for the state, we turn now to KUNR's Paul Boger and Lucia Starbuck, who covered the session in its entirety.

A field of tall hay.
Mona / Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. House of Representatives passed new COVID-19 relief legislation that drops some restrictions to receiving aid, like requiring a social security number. KUNR’s Stephanie Serrano spoke to a Nevada resident who was ineligible for federal aid in the first go-around due to her husband's immigration status and is awaiting the Senate’s decision.

Man smiling on a crowded street
Courtesy of Ish Bermudez

Coverage of novel coronavirus is supported by the Mick Hitchcock, Ph.D., Project for Visualizing Science, a science reporting project from the Reynolds School of Journalism.

In early March, Nevadan make-up artist Ish Bermudez was touring with the show Chippendales Las Vegas across the country as a wardrobe manager. He began not feeling well while he was still on the road traveling in New York, Ohio and Indiana. He sought care at an urgent care facility, where he was given some pain medication, but a COVID-19 test wasn’t available.

There's a woman in the forefront. In the background there's a crowd of people. Some are holding American flags.
Lucia Starbuck / This Is Reno

Across the country, groups have taken to the streets in recent weeks protesting so-called “stay-at-home” orders meant to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. They argue the measures that are supposed to keep people safe are actually doing more harm to the economy. KUNR’s Paul Boger spoke with Lucia Starbuck who’s covered the local protests for our media partner This Is Reno.

A man is sitting down at a table. There is an American flag and Nevada
Screenshot / Governor Sisolak via YouTube

When will Nevada reopen its economy? That's on all of our minds right now. On April 21, Gov. Steve Sisolak discussed what criteria must be met for that to happen, but he didn't give a set timeline and there's still a lot left up in the air. KUNR's Michelle Billman and Bree Zender discussed what the benchmarks to reopen look like.

Graph of annual average temperatures in Reno since first Earth Day in 1970.
Climate Central

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day back in 1970. Much has changed since then, from climate science to renewable energy. Dr. Kristen Averyt is Nevada's State Climate Policy Coordinator, and she spoke with KUNR to talk about how things have evolved over 50 years.