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Nevada Attorney General

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Nevada's top law enforcement official says the state's decision to release election results methodically is part of an effort to prevent voter fraud. The remarks by Nevada's Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford came the same day officials with President Donald Trump's reelection campaign told reporters they were filing a lawsuit to stop election officials from counting “improper votes.”

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Nevada Attorney General's Office

Monday marks two weeks since 46-year-old George Floyd was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Former police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. Floyd was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

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For Wes Duncan, the role of the attorney general is clear: to serve as Nevada's top law enforcement official. In his career, the Republican has served as the state’s assistant attorney general, a Clark County prosecutor, as well as a judge advocate general in the Air Force. He sat down with KUNR's Paul Boger to discuss how to make the state a safer place to live.

When Nevada's Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt announced he was running for governor, it opened a window for Democrats to reclaim the office. This year that Dem is State Senator and Majority Leader Aaron Ford. As part of our ongoing coverage of the 2018 midterms, KUNR's Paul Boger sat down with Ford to discuss how he sees the position changing if he were elected.

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Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt spoke to a congressional committee Wednesday about President Obama's executive order on immigration, saying it's an unconstitutional overreach of power. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports.

While testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Laxalt insisted that the lawsuit challenging Obama's executive order " not about immigration. It's not about politics. It's about the rule of law and our constitutional system. This lawsuit transcends policy differences and seeks to prevent legislation from being usurped by executive fiat."

It may seem odd that the most expensive and watched race of this election is for attorney general, but a quick look at the last names of the two candidates clears up why that is.

On the Democratic ticket is second-term Secretary of State Ross Miller—the son of former Nevada Governor Bob Miller. He’s facing off against Republican Adam Laxalt, the grandson of former Senator and Governor Paul Laxalt.


Washoe County School District Superintendent Pedro Martinez will not accept the $25,000 offered by the board of trustees to settle a lawsuit regarding the board's breach of contract for improperly firing Martinez back in July before quickly reinstating him. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss spoke to Martinez's attorney Bill Peterson to learn why the superintendent is turning down the board's offer.