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Bree Zender

Come this November, the general election will be just a year away. Looking ahead, KUNR's Paul Boger sat down with NPR National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea, who is in Reno this week, to break down what we can make of this process so far.

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Nevada Democrats will have more options when participating in the state's first-in-the-West caucus next February. That's because party leaders are allowing people to vote early and by phone.

How Nevada's Millennials Are Rocking The Vote

Feb 18, 2016
Julia Ritchey

Millennials are reshaping everything from health care to the workplace to our political system. To find out what issues and candidates are motivating this influential demographic in Nevada, Reno Public Radio’s Julia Ritchey sat down with two friends: Hawah Ahmad, president of the Young Democrats of Nevada, and Miranda Hoover, president of the College Republicans, here at the university.

Below are excerpts of their conversation.

Q: What’s the energy level right now ahead of the caucus? Do college students care about this election?

The Nevada Democratic caucus is taking place on Saturday. But, KUNR listener Alexi Boshart who’s a massage therapist for a Reno casino says work  could make it hard to participate.

I was assuming that just like in an election, my employer would have to give me time to caucus," Boshart says. "I thought it was just like a vote and part of the democratic process.”

Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reached out to the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union to find out if employers are required to let workers caucus.

Dance for Democracy

An event this weekend combines words we rarely hear together: Dance for Democracy. That should create a lot of interest to entice local high school and college students age 18 and over to join in this event at 8 p.m. Saturday night, Feb. 13, at Mambo's Night Club 3652 S. Virginia Street (near the Atlantis Resort Casino). 

The event is intended to show that the political process can be fun and to engage more young people and Latinos in the political process with the Nevada caucuses just a week away.

Deadline Nears For NV Republican Caucus

Feb 11, 2016
Julia Ritchey

"How many have never been to a caucus before?" asks Phyllis Westrup, caucus chair for the Washoe County Republican Party. 

Hands shoot up around the room of first-time caucus goers at the Washoe County Republican Party headquarters this week in Reno.

Caucus chair Phyllis Westrup is surprised by how few people have done this before.

"To me that's amazing... and that's the way it was on Saturday, too."

Westrup walks the group of about 50 through the process step-by-step.