Nevada history

A man stands at a podium under a large white tent raising his hat and bowing his head with a group of people behind him also bowing their heads
Holly Hutchings

The Stewart Indian School in Carson City opened in 1890. Like similar schools across the country, the original goal was to assimilate Native American children and eliminate their culture and traditions. It closed its doors 90 years later in 1980. On Wednesday, alumni, tribal leaders and government officials gathered for a blessing ceremony for the future Stewart Indian School Cultural Center and Museum, which will open next year. Our reporter Holly Hutchings has the story.

All throughout Nevada, historic markers provide important information of particular places in the state. But often times they’ve been historically inaccurate and riddled with insensitive language or grammar mistakes. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports a project to correct those signs has just wrapped up.

There are about 260 historic markers throughout Nevada and they were originally installed in the 1960s. About half needed replacement.