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Novel Coronavirus

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

10:20 p.m. | December 29, 2020

Washoe County Reports 14 COVID-19-Related Deaths
By Lucia Starbuck

The nation is continuing to grapple with the post-holiday COVID-19 surge.

Several people wearing masks standing on a stair case looking at the camera.
Courtesy of the Nevada Public Health Training Center's COVID-19 Crew

Dulce Leyva is a bilingual contact tracer who lives in Reno, Nevada. Her job is to reach out to people who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus and make sure they're self-isolating. And she tries to help them remember who they've been around and could have been exposed to the virus.

Una gráfica que dice “Negocios de Nevada y la pandemia” con las fotos y títulos de los invitados a la charla virtual.

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Con los dueños de pequeños negocios trabajando para mantener sus tiendas abiertas durante la pandemia en 2021, KUNR organizó una transmisión en vivo en español a través de Facebook Live, en asociación con This Is Reno, para charlar con asesoras y empresarios. Ellos contestaron las preguntas de la comunidad y compartieron recursos para los dueños de pequeños negocios en el norte y el sur del estado. 

La periodista bilingüe Natalie Van Hoozer moderó la charla y platicó con su colega Stephanie Serrano para desglosar lo que se habló durante el evento virtual.

6:55 p.m. | December 22, 2020

‘It’s All About Our Individual Behavior For The Month Of January,’ Health Officials Warn
By Lucia Starbuck

Some frontline personnel received their first dose of the Modera COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, including staff with REMSA and members of the Nevada National Guard who have been a part of the state’s COVID-19 response. But officials argue we won’t see an impact on the current cases until much later.

Updated at 9:52 a.m. ET Wednesday

President-elect Joe Biden warned Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic will get worse before it gets better.

"Our darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us," Biden told reporters during a year-end news conference in Wilmington, Del.

He said that Americans, when united, could overcome the crisis, and he called the first vaccines being administered a good thing. But he noted that distribution of the vaccines is one of the biggest operational challenges the country has ever faced.

A digital illustration of the back of a person holding up a graphic with a pie graph and illegible text.
Visual Generation / Adobe Stock

There’s so much COVID-19 data being reported. What does it all mean? KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck talks to Brian Labus, an epidemiologist with Nevada’s COVID-19 medical advisory team, to break down what the numbers can tell us.

Someone extracts fluid from a vial using a syringe.
Alernon77 / Adobe Stock

The recent arrival of the new Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is an important landmark in the fight against the pandemic; however, the Pfizer vaccine isn’t the only one in production, and trials for other vaccines are nearing completion.

Madelyn Beck, a regional reporter with the Mountain West News Bureau, took part in one of those trials and sat down with KUNR’s Jayden Perez to share her experience.

Una miembro de la comunidad está de pie frente al pan dulce. Lleva mascarilla.
Cortesía de Ivet Contreras

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En todo el país, el coronavirus está afectando a las comunidades latinas de manera desproporcionada, según los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades. 

Boxes with papers inside them line a fence outside of Glenshire Elementary School.
Molly Carnell / The Hitchcock Project

Every day before school, Stephanie Bacon wakes up hopeful and excited that she has put together a lesson plan that she believes will work for her students to engage and learn. Yet every day, she leaves feeling like all of her effort went nowhere. 

Four people in masks are seated in a row and separated by plexiglass. There is an end table with medical supplies to the left of each person.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

The Reno-Sparks Tribal Health Center was the first to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for tribal members in northern Nevada, alongside some of the facility’s frontline health care workers, on Wednesday.

The U.S. on Wednesday reported the highest number of new cases of the coronavirus and the most COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.

As of 1:30 a.m. Thursday, more than 3,600 Americans died Wednesday from complications of the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking coronavirus infection data.

The Food and Drug Administration says that some of the vials of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being distributed throughout the U.S. contain extra doses and the agency is encouraging hospitals and clinics to use the additional shots to speed up the nationwide immunization campaign.

The agency issued the guidance Wednesday after health care workers reported throwing out the excess vaccine, fearing it would be against the rules to use it.

When Virginia Hedrick first heard about the coronavirus circulating on cruise ships off the coast of California back in March, it made her think back to some of the first ships of European settlers that arrived on American shores centuries ago, also teeming with disease.

An older man in a mask pushes a dolly with a white box on it. In the background is the back of a white Fedex truck.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

The much anticipated first shipment of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Washoe County Tuesday morning. KUNR's Lucia Starbuck was there when the truck rolled into town.

5:26 p.m. | December 15, 2020

Washoe County Report
By Jayden Perez

Washoe County reported six COVID-19-related deaths Tuesday. The individuals are aged between their 70s and their 90s. Each individual had underlying health conditions. The new death total is 378.

Now that federal regulators have authorized one COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in the U.S. — and appear close to authorizing another — it seems Americans are growing less reluctant about receiving an inoculation themselves. The Kaiser Family Foundation, or KFF, released a poll Tuesday showing a significant leap in the number of people saying they definitely or probably would get vaccinated.

States across the Mountain West are receiving their first shipments of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. And the Moderna vaccine will be coming once it's granted emergency authorization by the FDA. But as distribution gets underway, other COVID-19 prevention measures including frequent hand-washing, mask-wearing and social distancing will still be necessary. 

Evictions have cascading effects, and researchers have found they could be fatal during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new study draws the connection between a lack of stable housing and an increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

An illustration of a human mouth opening while it releases contaminated aerosol particles.
Elena Abrazhevich / Adobe Stock

Indoor dining is allowed across the Mountain West. But new research shows that even with current social distancing guidelines, the coronavirus can spread easily inside restaurants.

The Governor of Nevada is pictured wearing a facial mask. He is looking away from the camera.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak held a press conference Sunday afternoon updating Nevadans on several COVID-19 mitigation efforts. He also reinstated the state’s eviction moratorium.