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People waiting in line.
Jayden Perez / KUNR

Many Democrats in Nevada waited in long lines over the weekend in order to participate in early voting for the presidential caucus.

Amy Klobuchar waves to supporters from a stage.
Paul Boger

Democratic presidential hopeful, Amy Klobuchar, has made her first appearance in Northern Nevada following avstrong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tom Steye walks down the street speaking with local buiness owners.
Lucia Starbuck

And then there were seven...that’s how many Democrats will be up for consideration in Nevada’s Democratic presidential caucus, but with so many candidates in the race, how are voters selecting a preferred candidate? KUNR’s Paul Boger spoke with some voters in Northern Nevada to find out.

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After the chaos of the Iowa caucuses, Democrats in the next caucus state of Nevada are anxious.

Illustrated by Stephanie Serrano

The Nevada State Democratic Party has announced the digital tool it will be using to count its caucus results. 

Quote from Jeremy Gelman. I think the lesson of Trump is get into the race, see how it goes, stick with it, and there's a chance you can win. So a lot of people are taking that chance.
Jayden Perez / KUNR

For the 2020 election, a whopping 29 Democratic presidential candidates initially ran to become their party's nominee. Now, there are eight Democratic contenders left in the running.

KUNR’s Jayden Perez spoke with Jeremy Gelman, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, about this trend of having large candidate pools, and some of the impacts.

Presidential hopeful Tom Steyer is the first candidate to visit the Silver State since New Hampshire’s primary Tuesday. He joined Fernley locals for a breakfast meet and greet on Wednesday.

Megaphone exclaiming Nevada Caucus. Silhouettes of people drawn toward the shape of Nevada. The American flag is placed behind this scene.
Illustrated by Stephanie Serrano

Nevada’s Democratic Party is the first in the country to offer early caucusing.

A side-by-side image shows glacial differences between 1938 and 2019 at Glacier National Park in Montana.

President Donald Trump unveiled his budget proposal Monday, and a significant cut to the Department of Interior is on the table.

The Trump administration wants to cut funding for all but one agency within the Interior, for a 16% overall reduction.

"We got people calling each other names. We got people giving each other the stink eye ... not that it's been calm the last three years," Amodei said.
Paul Boger / KUNR

As the calendar creeps closer and closer to Nevada's caucus, we've heard from a lot of Democrats about the current state of the nation's capital. So we decided to check in with the Silver State's lone Republican in Congress — 2nd District Representative Mark Amodei.

Three kids playing on a swing set.
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Those who are ordered to pay child support in Nevada now have more of a range as to how much they pay under an evaluation from a judge. The changes, that went into effect this month, are meant to give judges more latitude to determine how much a parent is able to pay.

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is an organization that focuses on helping people who are blind live independently. Since June, the Florida-based organization has been monitoring the websites for presidential candidates, specifically looking for how compliant they are with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. With Nevada’s caucus right around the corner, KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck spoke with CEO Virginia Jacko about how the candidates scored and how this affects voters.

Updated at 12:49 p.m. ET

Democrats are going to try again.

After the Iowa results meltdown, New Hampshire takes center stage Tuesday night. This election is run by the secretary of state's office and not the state party. It's also a more-straightforward primary (with a couple kinks we explain below) rather than a complicated, math-heavy caucus.

After Iowa's debacle, the Democratic presidential nominating contest has moved to New Hampshire.

Follow NPR's coverage for the latest updates and then, when the polls close in the Granite State Tuesday night, live results and analysis.

 A pile of Nevada voter registration forms, stickers and mints.
Mikayla Whitmore / The Nevada Independent

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Turnout rates for 18- and 19-year-old voters in Nevada’s 2018 election were higher than the turnout rate of older millennials — a trend that could have major implications for the 2020 election.

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In the final sprint before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Democratic presidential candidates are taking a more sharply negative tone about their rivals than they have up until now.

The top target is former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He faced a barrage of attacks as the other Democratic candidates seek to blunt his momentum from a strong showing in Iowa.

Voter Rolls Swell As Automatic Registration Takes Effect

Feb 7, 2020
People standing and sitting in a DMV office.
Jeff Scheid / The Nevada Independent

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Thirty-year-old construction worker Jesse Speights walked into the Reno DMV on Monday, not knowing if he was even registered to vote.

Four AFSCME union members stand as one reads a statement.
Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

Ahead of the Nevada Democratic caucus, speculation over which candidate union members are going to stand behind is mounting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union members make up nearly 15 percent of the state’s workforce.

A rainbow pride flag hangs over a doorway inside a coffee shop. People are chatting and one woman is holding a wine glass.
Lucia Starbuck

This year, there are several LGBTQ+ candidates running for office around Nevada. They say it’s time there’s more representation in local government.