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Reno 1868 Football club

Jugadores de fútbol arrodillados en el pasto en una cancha al aire libre.
David Calvert

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El equipo de la United Soccer League de Reno, Reno 1868 FC, anunció el viernes 5 de noviembre que dejaría de operar después de la temporada 2020.

Soccer players are kneeling in a semi-circle formation on a grassy field.
David Calvert

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Reno’s United Soccer League team, Reno 1868 FC, announced Friday it would cease operations following the 2020 season.

Imagen del rostro de Kevin partida.
Reno 1868 FC

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Aunque muchos eventos deportivos en vivo se han cancelado debido a la pandemia, el Greater Nevada Field encendió sus luces para dar la bienvenida al equipo Reno 1868 FC después de casi cinco meses. El 8 de agosto, la plantilla ganó su partido 2 a 1 contra Tacoma Defiance.

Kevin Partida in Reno 1868 FC uniform.
Reno 1868 FC

Many live sporting events have been shut down due to the pandemic, but after nearly five months, Greater Nevada Field turned on its lights over the weekend to welcome back the Reno 1868 FC. The team won its match on Saturday 2-to-1 against Tacoma Defiance.

Back when the pandemic first hit, the organization suspended operations but did not cancel the season, which meant the team had to transition online to continue their training. 

Player Kevin Partida, who grew up in Reno-Sparks, spoke to KUNR’s Lesly Virgen-Mariscal about the changes.

Aaron Serrano Freelance Videographer

El primer equipo profesional de fútbol en Reno ya tiene una base de fanáticos fieles y solo esta creciendo. Nuestra reportera Stephanie Serrano, en colaboración con Noticiero Móvil, nos lleva adentro del mundo del Battle Born Brigade. Noticiero Móvil, una plataforma multimedia de noticias que provee información en español e inglés en el norte de Nevada, trabajando junto la Escuela Reynolds de periodismo.

Aaron Serrano Freelance Videographer

Reno’s first soccer team already has a loyal and growing fan base. Our reporter Stephanie Serrano, with Noticiero Móvil, explores why.

A sea of blue and yellow stops traffic down Virginia Street as fans bang drums, wave flags and chant at the top of their lungs. Once in the stadium, they find their designated seats but they don’t sit down; the atmosphere is contagious. 

Photos: Reno 1868 FC Hosts Second Home Game

Apr 2, 2017
Stephanie Serrano/Reno Public Radio

Home games for Reno 1868 FC kick off at about 7:00 p.m. but for the Battle Born Brigade, game day starts as early as 4:00 p.m. The Battle Born Brigade is Reno 1868 FC's growing fan club of all ages. Every game day they meet at the iconic Believe sign in the middle of downtown Reno and march to the Greater Nevada Field where they chant original chants, bang drums and yell in support of their team. On Saturday, April 1 that is exactly what they did.

Packed Stadium Illustrates Ripe Reno Soccer Culture

May 26, 2016
Marcus Lavergne/Reno Public Radio

The Greater Nevada Field is a unique shared space that houses the Reno Aces baseball team and Reno’s forthcoming soccer team.

During last night’s test run, international clubs squared off in a friendly match. Standing among 1000’s of fans Aces President, Eric Edelstein (ed-uhl-steen), says the turnout shows how much local interest there is in the sport.

“By looking at the crowd and seeing how many folks are here tonight, there is a soccer culture already in Reno and we’re just gonna give them a place to unite.”