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The northern Great Plains aren’t much to look at. It’s the drab, boring part of a cross-country interstate drive between Seattle and Chicago. 

No trees in sight. No water. But Sean Gerrity, founder of American Prairie Reserve, has always seen something more out here. 

The Sights Of Area 51

Sep 23, 2019
A man dressed as an escaped alien walks along the “Extraterrestrial Highway” outside Rachel, Nevada.
Paul Boger / KUNR Public Radio

KUNR Senior Reporter Paul Boger travelled to Area 51 over the weekend to witness the events there as they unfolded. You can find his detailed coverage here, along with a break down of the mysterious history of the site. This slideshow highlights some of the sights from his reporting trip for those of you who chose, you know, not to trek into the Nevada desert to "storm" a guarded military installation. 

Thousands of curious visitors made the trek into the Nevada desert to catch a glimpse of mysterious Area 51.
Paul Boger / KUNR Public Radio

It appears that whatever secrets are hidden behind the gates of Area 51, or the Nevada Test and Training Range, will remain hidden for now, as the thousands of people who were expected to storm the military installation in the desert failed to materialize.

Noah Glick

Tourism is Nevada’s largest industry, making up nearly 30 percent of total state employment and bringing in more than $3 billion in tax revenue.

But most visitors are only stopping in Nevada’s two urban centers: Las Vegas and Reno.

Our reporter Noah Glick looks at what is being done to attract more people to Nevada’s rural communities.