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Researchers say forest fires are typically good for rebooting the health of forests, but a new study published in the journal Ecosphere says that high-intensity wildfires are dramatically changing the plant habitat structure of forests in the Sierra Nevada. 

UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment

Advisers for Donald Trump are urging the president to maintain the United States' commitment set forth in the Paris climate accord, a departure from one of his key campaign promises. On Thursday, a community discussion in Incline Village looks into the current state of global climate change and the impact those policies have on curbing potential threats.

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In 2015, Lake Tahoe was the warmest it’s ever been, and researchers are concerned of the long term effects of this drastic rise in temperature.

Share Your Observations Of Lake Tahoe With New App

Sep 8, 2015


A new app will let Tahoe visitors and residents become “citizen scientists”, sharing their observations of the lake with researchers.

Even with dozens of scientists monitoring Lake Tahoe throughout the year, researchers need more data to track the lake’s health, especially when it comes to beach conditions. Geoffrey Schladow, director of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, says he hopes the Center’s new citizen science app will help.

As Tahoe warms, oxygen and clarity could decrease

Aug 14, 2014
Will Stone

In the lead up to next week’s Tahoe Summit, researchers are taking stock of how warmer temperatures are impacting the lake’s iconic clear waters. Earlier this week, we looked at concerns about water quality near the shore. But, as it turns out, climate change may also affect oxygen levels in the lake.