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Senate Offers Answer to Diplomatic Ticket Dodgers

The U.S. Senate approves a plan to address New York City's $21 million problem with parking tickets that go unpaid by foreign diplomats operating at the United Nations. The bill would permit the U.S. government to withhold foreign aid to offset the unpaid fines, and tack on a financial penalty. Hear NPR's Lynn Neary and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), who co-sponsored the bill.

Clinton also speaks about her work to award a posthumous government pension to Harriet Tubman. Famous for her work on the Underground Railroad, leading many slaves to freedom, Tubman also served as a Civil War scout, spy, and nurse. Her husband also served in the Union army, and so Tubman was entitled to a widow's pension -- worth about $11,000 -- that goes to the Harriet Tubman home and historic site in Auburn, N.Y.

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Lynn Neary is an NPR arts correspondent covering books and publishing.