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Duke Players' Lawyers Say DNA Doesn't Match

DNA tests from members of the Duke University lacrosse team accused of rape are negative, say the players' defense lawyers. Last month, a woman said several players raped her at a party where she was to perform as an exotic dancer. The district attorney has refused to release or comment on the DNA tests.

The tests were performed by the North Carolina crime lab. No charges have been filed in the case, and lawyers for the team members say they did not commit a crime.

In addition to canceling the remainder of the lacrosse season, Duke's president suspended a player who sent out an email after the party, in which he threatened to invite a stripper to his dorm room, kill her, and mutilate her body.

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Adam Hochberg
Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Adam Hochberg reports on a broad range of issues in the Southeast. Since he joined NPR in 1995, Hochberg has traveled the region extensively, reporting on its changing economy, demographics, culture and politics. He also currently focuses on transportation. Hochberg covered the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, followed candidates in three Presidential elections and reported on more than a dozen hurricanes.