WCSD Rezoning Efforts Cause Community Concern

Nov 22, 2019

The Washoe County School District Zoning Advisory Committee met Thursday to vote on proposed rezoning plans that will affect several Reno schools.

Many concerned students, parents and teachers gathered in the Wooster High School gym. Public comment opened up the meeting, and, one-by-one, people walked across the wooden floors, pleading with the committee to review its plans. 

Those plans include rezoning several elementary and middle schools as more facilities are being built. While configuring its proposal, the district took into account concerns involving accessibility, safe routes to school and other logistics. Officials say they are abiding by federal law.

Many are concerned that racial and socioeconomic segregation could result from the potential rezoning. Kaleb Voss, who spoke during public comment, is a freshman at Wooster High.

“The kids are not learning about other cultures and they’re not learning about other economic standards,” Voss said. “That puts a shield on them, basically, so that when they grow up and head into the real world, get jobs and fulfill their own needs, they tend to be less welcoming and inviting.”

The committee voted to rezone all of Swope Middle School to Reno High and all of Marce Herz Middle School to Galena High.

The committee still has several schools to vote on. The initial votes will be sent to the board of trustees for final approval.