Undocumented Students In Reno Air Post-Election Concerns

Nov 28, 2016

A panel at UNR answers questions for undocumented students.
Credit Sarah Parks

Dozens attended a panel held at the University of Nevada, Reno to discuss the future of undocumented students. Our reporter Sarah Parks was there to tell us more.

Yesterday’s event comes on the heels of Donald Trump being named president-elect. He promised during the campaign to strengthen border security and conduct mass deportations; now it’s unclear what will happen next.

A social justice advocacy group named PLAN hosted the event. The concerns they heard ranged from students not knowing how their families would be affected by potential changes to federal legislation to teachers not knowing how to help their undocumented students feel safe in the classroom.

"There's a lot of fear of that, of separation. So one of the key things that we have said is not to panic, we don't know what the president-elect is going to do," says Claudia Castaneda-Flamenco, with PLAN.

She still encourages undocumented students to apply or renew their applications for DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

DACA was implemented in 2012 and has provided temporary legal status for more than half a million undocumented students.