Amaka Ozobia

Amaka Ozobia sitting in a conference room.
Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

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Amaka Ozobia’s parents came to the United States from Nigeria after fleeing the Biafran War, a conflict blamed for about 100,000 military casualties and as many as two million starvation deaths in the late 1960s.

That history — and her family’s own challenges adjusting to American life as immigrants — has formed a career that included working as an asylum officer, serving the children of migrant farmworkers as an Americorps volunteer and becoming an immigration attorney for the refugee-focused Church World Service. Ozobia is now settling in to her latest role on that trajectory — directing Nevada’s Office for New Americans.

Amaka Ozobia esta sentada en una sala de conferencias.
Daniel Clark / The Nevada Independent

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Los padres de Amaka Ozobia llegaron a los Estados Unidos de Nigeria después de vivir la Guerra de Biafra, conflicto que generó 100,000 bajas militares y 2 millones de muertos por hambruna a finales de los 60’s.